Help deliver a practical workshop that will spark the interest of young people in your trade or industry area.

What is a Workshop Event?

A workshop event is a hands-on practical workshop which will spark the interest of young people in a trade or business sector. A workshop event will always be held within the school environment.

The aim is to focus pupils on engaging with real life workplace tasks to understand the demands that the world of work will place upon them, and to understand how their current skills are able to be transferred and improved upon.

A Workshop Event is a very focused event in which young people can gain information about the skills, knowledge and qualifications required by a sector or industry. These sorts of events are skills focused and targeted in their approach.

How should I prepare?

You aren’t expected to prepare the activity or bring materials with you - this should all be arranged by the teacher. Instead, your involvement is to give support and guidance to the students taking part and to answer any questions that they might have. The teacher organising the event will be able to give you more information about a specific workshop if you agree to take part.

What is the impact of a Workshop Event?

The practical nature of Workshop Events is really appealing for young people and a great way to engage groups in the opportunities of the world of work.

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