Give students the chance to experience the real world of work by paying a visit to your company.

What is a Workplace Visit?

Workplace Visits enable students to visit places of work in their local area, experience an active working environment and have meaningful interactions with employees.

They are an exciting way for students to gain insight into the world of work through a school trip to feel inspired by dynamic working environments and imagine themselves in the working world.

How should I prepare?

The best way to prepare for a workplace visit is always to discuss it with the teacher organising the event. We recommend talking about the structure of the visit, the number of children and their age, and any other logistical details.

For reference, this is the structure that we suggest to teachers setting up a workplace visit:

Introduction to the business leader

- Career journey

Introduction to the company

- History of the company

- What the company does

- Panel of speakers from various areas of the business

A tour of the offices

Summation, closing remarks and thanks

What is the impact of a Workplace Visit?

Workplace Visits can inspire students’ exploration of career opportunities, expand their networks and open their eyes to exciting opportunities.

A survey of 333 teenagers for Deloitte found that 62 per cent of respondents wanted their school or college to provide more field trips to workplaces.

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