Give teachers an insight into your industry, to help them tailor their careers guidance.

What is a Teacher Industry Insights Event?

These events are designed to help teachers bring industry insights into the classroom by giving them inside knowledge. This may take place in the classroom or the workplace. It’s an opportunity for teachers to understand the motivations and drivers of industry sector employers, opening up a dialogue between professionals.

How should I prepare?

Speaking to the teacher organising the event will give you a chance to find out what type of insights they’ll benefit from. Insight events can generally be quite informal, so you don’t need to prepare an extensive presentation - just be ready to share information about your recruiting process and the skills that you hire for, and to answer questions from the teachers.

What is the impact of a Teacher Industry Insight Event?

Teacher Industry Insight Events are a useful way of cross referencing the world of the classroom with that of industry to compare experiences and work towards preparing our young people for successful futures.

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