Inspire young people by visiting a local school as an expert judge for their project or activity.

What is a School Competition?

Schools will often use a competition as the final part of a bigger project or activity, challenging students to work in a group and solve a real-world business challenge.

As a business leader, you can make an impact by visiting at the end of the project and giving your input on the students’ work.

How should I prepare?

The school will share details about the competition that they are running so that you know what to expect when you arrive - they’ll also be able to tell you more about the age of the students, how many are participating and what their objectives for the event are.

What is the impact of a School Competition?

School Competitions provide a clear target for young people, giving them a tangible purpose and direction. They can provide a real, practical insight into the world of work, by encouraging students to engage with real world business problems.

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