Lead an inspirational keynote speech for local students.

What is a Keynote Career Address?

A Keynote Careers Address involves visiting a local school to inspire a group of students by talking in-depth about the journey they took from school through their career. As a keynote speaker you would usually be expected to speak over an extended period of time, with a brief Q&A at the end.

How should I prepare?

You don’t need to spend hours preparing handouts or putting together a presentation. Instead, the best keynote speeches involve telling a story about your own career journey. Think about:

  • What inspired you to choose your career path?
  • Why do you feel that it’s a high impact career?
  • What do you enjoy most about it?

What is the impact of a Keynote Career Address?

As a keynote career address features fewer speakers, you are able to offer a more focussed, in-depth and comprehensive discussion. You can take students through your entire journey and reflect on successes and failures in the world of employment. This allows you to provide a meaningful encounter to inspire students and have a positive impact on their future life chances.

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