Visit a school in your local area to participate in or judge their Enterprise Competition.

What is an Enterprise Competition?

Schools often arrange Enterprise Competitions as part of a wider school project in which young people use a group activity to solve a real-life business challenge. The ability to pitch an idea for a new venture, a project or anything else, is a key transferable skill for any career path. Competitions give young people the opportunities to practice pitching to business leaders and to receive feedback.

How should I prepare?

The format and content of the competition will be arranged by the school, and they will share the details with you before the event takes place. They’ll let you know what input they would like you to give, but you won’t be expected to prepare an extensive presentation or provide materials.

What is the impact of an Enterprise Competition?

School Competitions give young people the chance to see how the skills that they learn within a school setting can be applied to the wider world of work.

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