Visit local schools to take part in a CV Workshop and help students develop an essential employability skill.

What is a CV Workshop?

A CV Workshop is an interactive workshop that can offer individual or group support to help each student build a CV and cover letter to match their skill set and aspirations. As a business leader you can provide guidance about what makes a good CV and provide real-life context.

How should I prepare?

You aren’t expected to bring CV templates with you as the school should provide these materials. However, if you wanted to bring along some examples of good practice they may be helpful. Talking to the educators before the event starts is one of the best ways to make sure that you are fully prepared.

What is the impact of a CV Workshop?

CV Workshops can help to improve students’ confidence and teach them valuable skills in developing a CV and cover letter. By meeting with a real-life business leader, students can ask questions and develop their understanding of what is required. This contributes to an overall improvement in their CV and cover letter, ultimately increasing their chances of securing future employment, apprenticeships or further study.

A CV Workshop puts this into a real-life context and provides young people with vital skills to be successful in the world of work.

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