Invite guest speakers from your local business community to lead a career talk with your students' parents and carers.

What is a parent carer session?

Parents and carers have a key role to play in the decision-making and the general career path that their children choose to pursue. They also face a unique challenge in ensuring that their children are set up for a successful career, future financial security and a good quality of life. This is now further complicated by the fact that the world of work is rapidly changing and many parents and carers are not aware of the many new, diverse and exciting opportunities for young people.

Offering a Parent Carer session for the parents of your students can help parents and carers to understand about the world of work, the many different career routes open to young people and the motivations and drivers of different industry sector employers. This session can be industry-specific, as an opportunity to outline entry routes into different fields, or skill-specific, with a focus on the general skills needed for young people to gain employment.

What is the impact of a parent carer session?

Children look to their parents and carers for guidance and advice, so it is crucial that parents are well informed about the changing world of work, the opportunities available to young people after they leave school and the skills necessary to gain employment.

Therefore, Parent Carer sessions will help parents and carers actively support their young people with their career decisions and prepare them for successful futures. This will ultimately help in ensuring that all young people are better informed about, and prepared for, the changing world of work.

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