Invite volunteer speakers into your school to give young people information about the skills, knowledge and qualifications required by a sector or industry.

What is an Industry/Technical Event?

An Industry/Technical Event is a focused event from which young people can gain information about the skills, knowledge and qualifications required by a sector or industry. These sorts of events are skills focused and targeted in their approach.

What is the impact of an Industry/Technical Event?

Because they are so focused Industry/Technical Events have a significant impact on young people, but it is important to ensure that the event is appropriate for the age and stage of the audience. These events work best as part of a programme of experiences looking at several industries, or as a targeted event for interested senior stage pupils. These are powerful events which can open up new possibilities, and validate aspirations, for young people.

Career Education Standard - I Can!

Here is one example per level of the areas of the "I can" framework that would typically be covered by engaging your young people in an industry insight event. Download the mapping document for more!

By the end of second level

  • I can recognise the skills I have and need for work.

By the end of BGE

  • I can choose a blend of subjects, courses and experiences to enable my career pathways.

By the end of Senior Phase

  • I can confidently access and interpret the information I need to make well informed choices about my learning options, pathways and how these relate to possible future careers.

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