Enterprise Competitions

Invite guest speakers from your local business community to be involved in or judge school Enterprise Competitions.

What is an enterprise competition?

A School Competition will mark a fitting end to a wider school project in which young people use a group activity to solve a real-life business challenge. The ability to pitch an idea for a new venture, a project or anything else, is a key transferable skill to any career path. Competitions gives young people the opportunities to prepare and practice their pitching skills to real life business leaders and receive feedback.

We will connect you with local business people to judge the efforts of your young people and provide feedback. Please note that the format and content of the competition must be pre-arranged or developed by the school.

What is the impact of an Enterprise Competition?

School Competitions are a helpful way of structuring a cross-curricular, or single subject, project as they provide a clear target for young people giving tangible purpose and direction.

An extra-curricular experience of deadlines and feedback also validates the methodology of the school setting whilst providing an insight to the world of work.

Get Started

We understand that your time as an educator is limited, which is why we have made our service as quick and easy as possible.

We will reach out to guest speakers on your behalf and update you every step of the way, until the visit is completed.

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