Case study
Sinai Jewish Primary School

When it comes to encouraging students to grow ideas, develop dreams and think about their future, no student is too young to engage in the discussion.

We love it when parents help the schools they are affiliated become familiar with our services! Thank you Marc!

The sessions were geared towards the preparation of 90 students for their transition to Secondary School – a milestone that can often be a daunting period for young people. However the speakers who volunteered their time to answer the request the teacher made to them via our service inspired the students with their insight into the exciting opportunities awaiting them.

Marc Duke, a parent of one of the participating students, set up several events at the school for their teachers.

In one of the sessions that featured female business leaders with unique stories to share, including Anna Josse, Founder of Prism The Gift Fund and Charlene Laidley, Founder of The Future Proof Foundation and Global Ambassador, Advisor & Campaigner for WEE - UN Women.

One of our employability ambassadors, Charlene Laidley, shared her impressions afterwards:

The support I received at school made me believe I could do it all, and I did. From working in global luxury fashion, to founding the world's first exclusive watch and jewellery communications company, and now working to empower women and girls as part of the United Nations Women. As the first women of colour founding an horology company - it is always great to hear the children gasp when I put on my watchmakers overcoat and eye loupe.

It was an honour and a privilege to share my career journey with the girls at Sinai Jewish Primary School

for Founders4Schools. I want all girls to really be free, to reach and dream for whatever they can imagine. No limitations.

The event was very popular amongst the students and it was the perfect way to lift their aspirations as they look to secondary school and beyond. The question of GCSE subject choices and A level decisions no longer seem as daunting, as students realise that grades are not the be all and end all – the opportunity life holds beyond exams are infinite!