Case study
Scotland - St Peter's RC Primary School

Martin Milmore set up a STEM careers carousel for P7 pupils. The speakers addressed small groups of pupils about taking STEM subjects at school. They also demonstrated some of the activities they did as part of their everyday job.

Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes

  • I can extend my knowledge and understanding of engineering disciplines to create solution. TCH 2-12a
  • I can create, develop and evaluate computing solutions in response to a design challenge. TCH 2-15a
  • I can investigate how product design and development have been influenced by changing lifestyles. TCH 2-05a

Career Education Standard "I can " Statements

  • I can discuss the relevance of skills to the wider world and make connections between skills and the world of work.
  • I can explain to others my ambitions/what I would like to do and look for ways to achieve them/that.
  • I can recognise the skills I have and need for work.
  • I can identify people in my network who help me broaden my horizons.

“Staff found the event engaging for pupils as it demonstrated the real world application of STEM subjects learning. “ Martin Milmore (organising teacher)