Case study
Scotland - King's Park Secondary School

Niamh Egan, from King's Park Secondary School in Glasgow, set up a Founders4Schools encounter for young people in her school in S4.

This encounter focussed on two issues, firstly the soft skills required to be successful in an interview setting. The group also talked about mental health, how it can effect you in the workplace and attitudes to mental health and wellbeing in the World of Work.

Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes

  • Based on my interests, skills, strengths and preferences, I am supported to make suitable, realistic and informed choices, set manageable goals and plan for my further transitions. HWB 4-19a
  • I understand and can demonstrate the qualities and skills required to sustain different types of relationships. HWB 4-44b
  • I am aware of the need to respect personal space and boundaries and can recognise and respond appropriately to verbal and non-verbal communication. HWB 4-45b

Career Education Standard "I can" Statements

  • I can identify the skills I have learnt across the curriculum, how these relate to the world of work and can apply these appropriately during work placements and other work-related learning.
  • I can draw appropriately on evidence from my skills profile to help me complete application forms, create CVs and when practising interview techniques.
  • I can describe all aspects of typical recruitment and selection processes and how to best prepare for and manage these.
  • I can identify and access support networks that will help me into a positive and sustained destination beyond school.

“ We all know ways to look after our physical health and we can all learn ways to look after our mental health too” Valerie Michie - The Huntercombe Group.