Case study
Greenwood Academy

Nick Cheese, teacher at the Greenwood Academy in Birmingham, wanted to bring business leaders to speak to students about ways in which they can be successful in their future transitions.

Nick used the Founders4Schools platform to find and invite 4 business leaders into the school to inspire 150 year 9 students about how to be successful in their future careers: Carl Adkins, Founder of, Michaela Powell, owner and MD of Aspire People Limited, Ewen Anderson, founder of Centralis Transformations Limited, and Stuart Mackintosh, Director at Xi Software Limited.

"I hope the pupils benefited from the event as much as the speakers! For me, it was of great value to put my mind to the lessons I had learned and how I should communicate this to the students at Greenwood. If this inspired just one person, it was well worth while."

- Stuart Mackintosh

“I was very pleased to be able to help the staff at Greenwood Academy provide their pupils with a view on what the world of work can be like, and what employers are looking for when hiring young people. I’d strongly recommend it to other speakers and schools.”

- Ewen Anderson

Nick found it easy to invite 4 business leaders in less than 5 minutes into the classroom using the Founders4Schools platform. He looks forward to planning another event soon.