Case study
The Cavendish School

Philippa Shaw, Careers Coordinator at Cavendish School, wanted her students to adopt a forward-thinking mindset and hear positive messages from successful role models.

So Philippa used our platform to invite three local business leaders into her classroom to inspire 50 new Sixth Form students to focus their ideas on success in their future: John Harrison, Founder of Schoople, Sean Redmond, Founder & CEO of Vertizan and Robin Pickering, CEO of Cortex.

The feedback Philippa and the speakers had was positive without exception; from Philippa: "The event went very well, I've had some good feedback from the students."

John Harrison, one of the speakers noted:

"The event was well attended and the attention of the students was high. It was nice to impact some of the things I've learnt over the years as well as discovering the odd entrepreneurial spirit among them. If they go away with just one thing it would be that they really can achieve anything if they set their mind to it!"

And Sean, the second speaker, added:

"It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with the Sixth Form as they embark on their new school year. These students will be entering the job market in the most exciting time for technology innovation ever. They should never doubt that a small team of people can change the world and the choices they make now need to provide a springboard for their future.."

Philippa would recommend using Founders4Schools to connect your students with inspiring local business leaders to every school in the country.