Invite business leaders from your local community into your school to take part in a careers fair.

What is a Careers Fair?

Careers Fairs allow teachers to bring leaders from fast-growing local businesses into schools.

These events can take place all year round. Companies will set up stalls so that students are able to informally approach lots of different employers and talk to them personally. It is important to note that there should be no expectations of any job opportunities being offered by business leaders at a careers fair - it is not a job fair - but this is a great way for students to experience a wide range of businesses in their local community and for businesses to begin to build their talent pipeline.

100% of net new jobs created in Europe in the last five years, are with companies less than five years old (The Scale Up Report on UK Economic Growth, 2014). Therefore, it is important to have representatives from these businesses at your careers fairs, since they will be the ones hiring in the future. We aim to ensure that you have representatives from fast growing companies and small to medium sized businesses - not just large corporates.

What is the impact of a Careers Fair?

Careers Fairs are an excellent way for students to hear what local companies have on offer. Students can talk to different employers, gain an understanding of what their jobs entail or the different roles available, and the skills that are needed to be successful in today’s economy. This is an informal setting, where students can ask any questions they may have.

Representatives from companies may bring business cards, leaflets, free samples or some technology to showcase to students.

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