Invite guest speakers from your local business community to lead an inspirational keynote talk.

What is a Keynote Career Address?

Keynote Careers Addresses allow teachers to invite guest speakers into their school to inspire a group of students by talking in-depth about the journey they took from school through their career. This format usually includes one guest speaker delivering a keynote talk over an extended period of time.

During the keynote speakers are requested to ‘tell a story’ about their career journey:

  • What inspired them to choose their career path
  • Why they find it high impact
  • What they enjoy most about their career

What is the impact of a Keynote Career Address?

Keynote Careers Addresses generally have fewer guest speakers. Therefore the speakers can offer a more focussed, in-depth and comprehensive discussion. They will take students through their entire journey and reflect on their successes and failures in the world of employment.

There will also be a Q&A session after the keynote so that students can ask their own questions.

These meaningful encounters inspire students and have a positive impact on their future life chances.

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