Educators FAQ's

What is Founders4Schools?

Founders4Schools (F4S) is a free online booking service for Educators which connects them to business volunteers in their community, and beyond, who can help them deliver Career Education in the classroom.

Why should teachers use Founders4Schools?

  • It takes just 5 minutes to book an event.
  • It helps you fulfil the Career Education requirements of the curriculum and provides the opportunity for developing skills for learning, skills for life, and skills for work.
  • All Encounters have been mapped to the Curriculum
  • It allows children to learn about the world of work and job possibilities and makes clear the skills and strengths needed to take advantage of the opportunities.
  • It helps them develop skills for learning, life and work as an integral part of their education and be clear about how all their learning and achievements relate to these.
  • The world has changed, education delivery is changing, the future job market has changed - F4S is a digital solution that brings the curriculum and career education to life.

What are the different types of encounters that I can book?

Teachers have two encounter options - webinars or in school.

WEBINAR There are a range of encounters you can book which will support the curriculum, you can choose an online event, where a speaker(s) will join you and your class in an online forum, or you can choose an encounter where the speaker(s) will come to your school. Click on the examples below for more information or browse the website for more Career Talks, Soft Skills Events, Industry Insight Events, Maths4Girls & Employability Events which include CV Writing Workshops & Mock Interviews

IN SCHOOL We have a wide range of in school encounters available customised for the English and Scottish education systems that you can find full details on here

How many encounters can I book?

We recommend that you book four encounters each year so that your students are well-informed about their future options, motivated to succeed, and equipped to make their subject and career choices.

Once you complete your first event you will receive an email recommending the next age-appropriate event based on the previous cohort for which you booked an encounter.

We aim to ensure that every young person has access to at least four encounters with employers while they are in education, we recommend three per year. Research by the Education Employers TaskForce found that young people are 86% less likely to become NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) after four student-employer encounters (Mann 2012).

How do I make sure my event is safe for students?

During any session booked with F4S, it is mandatory for an Educator or support staff members to be actively and physically present during the whole session. This includes both in school and online encounters. This is to safeguard the young people you work with. It is the responsibility of the Educator to observe behaviours, including the chat functions when online, and to monitor the content and language used. You remain in control of the encounter and can end the session at any time if you feel it is necessary. Please ensure all learners have left the meeting before exiting yourself. For more information, please contact

How do I make sure my event is effective and relates to what students are studying?

  • Planning A lot of volunteers have their diaries planned months in advance so, to ensure you get the speakers you want, book your event as early as possible.
  • Duration In school - Volunteers can invest a few hours of their day to help, we recommend you keep the time of your event to 1 hour. If you are planning a full-day event, set up several events of between 1 and two hours to fit with the school timetable. Webinar - It is difficult to keep students engaged for an hour-long event online so we recommend 30 minutes for 2 speakers and 45 minutes for 3-4 speakers maximum.
  • Number of Speakers We recommend you plan for at least two speakers and if you go online no more than 4, ideally 3 speakers.
  • Student involvement Get your students to research your speakers, their industry and jobs and prepare questions in advance.
  • Description Make sure that you write a description that covers exactly what you want the volunteer to talk about. It is helpful to include the lesson topic & goals you would like them to relate to but make it brief.
  • Let the volunteer know what facilities you have available i.e. car parking, IT etc.

    Decide if you want a presentation, a hands-on workshop, or a demonstration. CAUTION - We find it works best, particularly in webinars, that slides don’t always work well to engage the students.

    You can join our Bring the World of Work into the Classroom webinar for more guidance on writing effective event encounters.

    How can I learn how to use the F4S platform?

    There are regular online support webinars that you can attend which cover for example;

    • How to Book an Event
    • How to Create and Moderate a successful Encounter
    • How to choose the right Encounter Type for your Students

    You can find out about upcoming webinars by clicking here.

    If you wish to host an exclusive in-school, across academies, regional educator webinars please contact and one of our Community Engagement Managers will get in touch.

    What communication can I expect from Founders4Schools?

    Once you have arranged your encounter, you will be contacted via email to explain the next steps. We will keep you updated via email when speakers accept your invitation, and you can always check the live event web page or your teacher dashboard for updates. We will send you reminders in the run up to your encounter with useful links and guidance.

    How and when will I know that speakers have accepted my invitation?

    We will send you an email when the first speaker accepts your invitation, and from that point, you are able to access live updates through the live web page or your teacher dashboard.

    How do I access my teacher dashboard?

    Simply click here and login to view your teacher dashboard.

    I can’t access my dashboard – how do I change my password?

    Please click here to reset your password. If you are still experiencing problems contact

    How do I find out more about the speaker after they have accepted my invitation?

    Once you have booked an encounter, you will have a live event web page with up-to-date information about the speakers attending. You can click on each volunteer to view their LinkedIn profile, which will have information about their career journey and often includes a detailed biography.

    Do I need to contact the speakers before the encounter?

    WEBINARS You should contact your speakers before the event to ensure that they have the correct joining links for online events. You should also liaise with the speaker to ensure that their plans meet your expectations and requirements, we advise doing so. It will give you the opportunity to ensure they know the running order and that you know what they plan to present.

    IN SCHOOL You should also liaise with the speaker to ensure that their plans meet your expectations and requirements, we advise doing so. It will give you the opportunity to ensure they know the running order and that you know what they plan to present.

    How can I contact the Speakers who are attending my event?

    You can contact your speaker through your teacher dashboard, by clicking the orange ‘Email Confirmed Speakers’ to the right of each upcoming event.

    What else do I need to organise for the encounter?

    The teacher should ensure that they have sought and required approval from senior leaders and organised an appropriate space for the encounter.

    If running an online event using your own online platform, you should ensure that the speaker has received the joining links. You may want to send a reminder email on the morning of the event. If you use our Zoom platform, we will take care of this automatically.

    If it is an in class event, please ensure that your reception staff know that the volunteer is coming and can contact you when they arrive. It also creates a good impression to offer them a welcome drink - even just a glass of water.

    You should try to make sure that any facilities that will be used for the event are available and in good working order.

    The behaviour of the students is obviously your responsibility, the volunteers might not be familiar with classroom management.

    What happens if the speaker doesn’t turn up on time?

    IN SCHOOL please allow a reasonable period for the volunteer to arrive, particularly around rush hour. Automatic reminder emails are sent in advance of the event, but it might be a good idea to make contact the day before to ensure everyone is still able to attend. You should only expect volunteers to attend if they have accepted your request.

    If they do not show up, please contact us at

    WEBINARS by inviting more than one speaker you can minimise the risk and still have a good event.

    How do I update the details of the event after I have saved it?

    Please contact our team directly at to make any changes to your booking after you have saved the event.

    How do I update my personal details?

    Click here and login to view your teacher dashboard. Click the My Details tab and make the required changes.

    How do I cancel an event?

    In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel, please contact the Founders4Schools team directly at so that we can let the speakers who are attending the event know in good time.

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