Educators FAQ's

Are events delivered via webinars safe for students?

Open and Closing of sessions: The event delivered via webinar will be opened and closed by an F4S team member and we have configured the platform to ensure that no communication between participants can start or continue before or after the event.

Supervision: There will always be a trained F4S member hosting the meeting to ensure that participating rules are adhered to. All F4S members conducting the webinars are DBS checked.

Chat facility: Will not be accessible for participants, ensuring that unwanted and uncontrolled communication between participants is prohibited

Q&A function: Will be monitored by the host (F4S member) to ensure that if an inappropriate question is asked by a student, that it will not be shared. Questions will be facilitated by the host and answered by the presenter. Questions will be anonymised.

Video & Audio functionality: Only the presenter and the host will be visible and audible. Participating students and young people will not be either. They cannot self-activate their video or audio functionality. Questions can only be asked via the Q&A function.

Who will be able to participate in webinar delivered events?

F4S offers to remotely deliver events via webinars to students in the community. We will share webinar details via social media to enable as many young people as possible to participate in our online webinars.

Can I book an exclusive webinar for my students?

F4S wants to be able to make employer engagement available to all young people, if you wish to discuss payment terms for an exclusive webinar for your students, please contact

Will webinars be recorded?

Our remotely delivered events will be recorded and published on our F4S YouTube channel for training, quality control purposes and so that the insights offered by the businesses can be available to all afterwards. The recording will only show the presenter and/or their presentation. Young people will not be recorded at any time.

What is Founders4Schools?

Founders4Schools (F4S) is a free service for state maintained and private UK schools and colleges that connects students aged 8+ with local leading business leaders. The outcome is for students to be better-informed about their future options, motivated to succeed and inspired to lead enterprising lives.

Teachers can arrange events at their schools directly on the Founders4Schools website It is simple and quick (10 mins!) to choose and invite local inspirational entrepreneurs for an hour session. These ‘events’ can be booked as a one-off session but many teachers choose to create a series of events across a term or year for even greater impact.

Why should teachers use Founders4Schools?

100% of net new jobs are created by companies less than 5 years old.
By bringing business leaders into schools, students learn what sort of skills and pathways are required to be part of companies that will shape our future.

What are the different types of encounter that I can book?

You can book many different encounter types through Founders4Schools. For more information and guidance on each different encounter type, please explore the guidance pages here:

How many encounters can I book?

You can book as many encounters as you like, there is no limit! In fact, we encourage you to book as many as you can, to help your students be well-informed about their future options, motivated to succeed and equipped to lead enterprising lives.

We aim to ensure that every young person has access to at least four encounters with employers every year, while they are between the ages of 8 and 16. Research by the Education Employers Task Force found that young people are 86% less likely to become NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) after four student-employer encounters (Mann 2012).

What communication can I expect from Founders4Schools?

Once you have arranged your encounter, you will be contacted via email to explain the next steps. We will keep you updated via email when speakers accept your invitation, and you can always check the live event web page or your teacher dashboard for updates. We will send you reminders in the run up to your encounter with useful links and guidance.

How and when will I know that speakers have accepted my invitation?

We will send you an email when the first speaker accepts your invitation, and from that point, you are able to access live updates through the live web page or your teacher dashboard.

How do I access my teacher dashboard?

Simply go to and login to view your teacher dashboard.

How do I find out more about the Business Leader after they have accepted my invitation?

Once you have booked an encounter, you will have a live event web page with up-to-date information about the Business Leaders attending. You can click on each Business Leader to view their LinkedIn profile, which will have information about their career journey and often includes a detailed biography.

You can contact your speaker through your teacher dashboard, by clicking the orange ‘Email Confirmed Speakers’ to the right of each upcoming event.

Do I need to contact the business leaders before the encounter?

Although you do not need to contact the business leaders before the encounter, we advise doing so if your encounter has a specific theme or purpose (e.g Women in STEM) which you would like to discuss with them.

You can contact your speaker through your teacher dashboard, by clicking the orange ‘Email Confirmed Speakers’ to the right of each upcoming event.

Does the school need to provide anything for the encounter?

The school may need to ensure that they have sought approval from senior leaders and organised an appropriate space for the encounter. If appropriate, you may wish to set up tables for the speakers, for example if you are organising mock interviews or a careers fair. It is also nice to be able to offer the speaker a drink when they arrive.

How long should the encounter last?

Our encounters are automatically set to last one hour, as this is the optimum time for a Business Leader to give. However, if you wish to alter this format, you can set your own start and end times when you set up the encounter. Please note that by making your encounter last longer than one hour, you may lower the probability of being able to secure a speaker of high quality.

What happens if the business leaders don’t turn up on time?

Please allow a reasonable period of time for the business leaders to turn up, particularly around rush hour. If you have not heard from your business leader after the encounter is due to start please contact the business leader directly using the details on your dashboard. You should only expect business leaders to attend if they have accepted your request.

How do I update the date/time of the event after I have saved it?

Please contact our team directly at to make any changes to your booking after you have saved the event.

How do I change the ages/number of students attending?

Please contact our team directly at to make any changes to your booking after you have saved the event.

How do I cancel an event?

In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel, please contact the Founders4Schools team directly at, as we will then reach out to any speakers attending.

Where do I go if I need more support?

The first thing to do is take a look at our Educator Webinars which offers a demo and training on the platform. Alternatively, you can email