Welcome back to the F4S Blog!
27 Nov 2020

Our new home for all our news, updates and events

Michaela Eschbach

By Michaela Eschbach - Managing Director Founders4School

Welcome back!

It's been a while since we've had a blog at F4S, long before I joined to led the team.

We are always seeking for the most effective way to keep in touch with our community, hence the relaunch of our blog. This will be where we will share regular updates on our projects and the impact they have on the young people we aim to inspire, exciting upcoming events, and thought pieces on what's happening in the world of career education and business.

The past eight months have brought unexpected societal, political, and economic change across the globe. Here in the UK, the Covid-19 pandemic has created an air of uncertainty and disillusionment, but at the same time it has reignited the community spirit of which we are rightly proud. It has brought many of us together in a collaborative effort to create a ‘new normal’. With this, schools and businesses have adapted, and are continuing to do so to transition in such a way that widespread online or blended learning for education is becoming a reality. This sudden digitalisation comes with challenges but educators across the UK have been working hard to provide continuous education and support to students. We too at F4S have been responding to this challenge - you will hear all about our refreshed educator journey in an upcoming blog.

This change of focus has inspired us to relaunch our blog. Our core mission as a charity is to reduce the skills gap by facilitating and assisting the provision of inspirational careers education to people under the age of 25. In essence we support educators and business professionals with opportunities to equip students with the skills and career insights needed to succeed in the rapidly changing world of work - something I believe is vitally important in the current environment.

Our blog will shed light on the work we are doing at F4S as well as the wider career education landscape as we work hard to continue to ensure that we don’t have a lost Covid generation of young people

We will keep you updated when a new blog post is released, on our social media and in our newsletters. You will be able to find out more about what F4S are up to, hints and tips on providing better careers education, articles from some of the UK’s leading business people, and we'll keep you informed of upcoming events that you could get involved in!

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