Founders4Schools meets the Scottish government
19 Dec 2016

Tech entrepreneur Sherry Coutu CBE meets with the Scottish government and business leaders to address youth employability

5th December, Glasgow, Scotland. Tech entrepreneur and investor Sherry Coutu CBE teamed up with Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) and Skills Development Scotland (SDS) to showcase Founders4Schools, a tech platform connecting young people with local business leaders. The charity aims to improve youth employability by closing the skills gap between what is taught on the school curriculum and what is in demand by local employers.

Scottish government representatives included senior staff from departments including Skills Development Scotland, Youth Employment and Skills Development Scotland. Also in attendance were the chair and senior executives from DYW and SDS.

Founders4Schools delivered a workshop that began with two local business leaders speaking about their professional journey, from the classroom to the business world; this mirrored the same format that students would experience when business leaders are invited into their classrooms.

Lucinda Bruce-Gardyn, Genius Food Ltd and Graeme Malcolm, M2lasers are supporters of Founders4Schools and volunteered their time to participate in mock role model event. This was followed by a demonstration of the Founders4Schools platform which makes it easy and time efficient for teachers to create role model events at their schools to raise their students’ aspirations.

About Founders4Schools Founders4Schools is excited to see an increase in the number of meaningful student-employer encounters that occur in Scotland, specifically facilitated through the use of the platform. To date, Founders4Schools has helped teachers all over the UK arrange over 124,000 student-employer encounters.


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